LTO5 Smart Cleaning Cartridge (USTC) QTY 5


This Universal Smart Test and Cleaning (USTC) cartridge is used with the FREE Tape Drive Doctor software (emailed to you with your purchase confirmation) to automatically and intelligently test and clean LTO 5 Tape Drives manufactured by HP, IBM, and Quantum.

USTC cartridges use the first host-based tape drive cleaning technology of its kind in the tape drive industry. USTC cartridges eliminate the current guess work of how many times to run a cleaning cartridge by automatically testing and repeatedly cleaning the drive until it passes all Tape Drive Doctor’s comprehensive quality tests. These results are then reported to you in Tape Drive Doctor. Each USTC cartridge can be used up to 50 times.

Important Note:  Not all tape drives can be fixed by cleaning alone.  Some drive failures are caused by other, more complex problems (servo-mechanical, hardware, head damage, etc.).  If a USTC cartridge cannot clean the drive, try again. If the problem persists, please consider sending your drive back to the manufacturer for HRC repair.

Price: $500.00
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