Tape Drive Doctor is a FREE software solution that comes with the purchase of patented USTC or HRC cartridges. It's the world's first smart testing, cleaning and repair system for LTO Tape Drives.

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3. Once your cartridges arrive, open Tape Drive Doctor, insert the USTC or HRC cartridge in the drive you want to clean, and press Play. Then sit back, relax, and watch your drives clean themselves.

Smart Head Cleaning (USTC)

The Universal Smart Test and Cleaning (“USTC”) cartridge is the first host-based tape drive cleaning technology of its kind in the tape drive industry. USTC cartridges eliminate the current guess work of how many times to run a cleaning cartridge by automatically testing and repeatedly cleaning the drive until it passes a comprehensive quality test. These results are then reported to you in Tape Drive Doctor. Each USTC cartridge can be used up to 50 times and is competitively priced. Purchase >

Smart Head Lapping (HRC)

The Head Recover Cartridge ("HRC") is the world's first host-based tape drive repair system that combines Diamond Lapping Tape and Smart Cleaning technologies. HRC presents a major cost-reducing solution for tape drive repair shops and manufacturers. Please contact sales@tapedrivedoctor.com prior to your first purchase of HRC. Also, please note that royalty payments are applicable for drives that pass the HRC testing process per the terms of a cartridge use agreement.